Tips For Using Massage And Body Rub

The word massage is derived from a French word that means, the "friction of kneading." It is a method which includes putting pressure to specific parts of one's body. This can either be done using some mechanical equipment or manually. The application is mostly done using the hands, fingers, elbows or the feet. There are more than 150 types of massages worldwide, but only a few of them are popular and frequently used than the others.

Body rubs can be considered as a simple but effective way of moisturizing and even exfoliating the dead skins while you massage the muscles. Many people have the idea that body rubs only consists of salt and sugar. You can actually use a variety of oils as well as natural ingredients for a rejuvenating experience. If you are interested in knowing about massage and body rubs, here are some tips that can enlighten you.

The first thing to do is to pick a good body rub here , or you can simply make it at home. This depends on what you want. You can easily get an olive oil body rubs in any body care store near you, which are plenty in moisture and can exfoliate

The second step is to warm the body where the body rub is going to be applied by performing some very gentle massage. Alternatively, you can also place some warm damp towels on the body in order to speed up the warming process. In this stage, you must ensure that the client is not uncomfortable or in any type of pain from sores or cuts before you can start. Visit this homepage to know more!

Step number three is to spread a liberal amount of body rub to specific areas of the body such as the hands, upper back, arms and feet. In this stage, you will have to use very gentle massage to work the body rub into the area. More pressure can be applied if the client is up to it so that the massage will be thorough. From time to time, try easing up on the pressure by returning to gentle rubbing motion. This focuses on getting the body rub into the skin.

In the last step, place a damp cloth on the areas which you have worked on after applying the body rub and did the massage. Then you will have to gently wipe off the area to remove any residue which may have settled on the surface of the skin. Then, use a heavy moisturizing body cream to moisturize and lock in all the moisture and nutrients into the body. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best massage and body rub service provider by checking out the post .